Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Deter Roving Burglars by Keeping Them Guessing


Even if you can't afford the latest security gadgets and measures to protect your home from burglars, there are still a number of things you can do to deter would-be thieves from identifying your home as a potential target. It's easy to become complacent but that's exactly what burglars are on the look out for. A study conducted by ADT Security in 2014 discovered that 15% of Australians make things easy for burglars by going to bed without locking up

Not everyone can afford top-notch security protection for their home. However, with a little creativity, diligence and knowledge of how burglars work you can deter burglars before they even set foot on your lawn. 

Indoor and Outdoor Blinds for Windows

Two thirds of break-ins in Australia occur through doors and windows that are left open. Burglars are opportunists. An open window is an invitation. But what if you could open a window privately, unseen by anyone watching from the street? Outdoor blinds would adequately obscure the vision of anyone on the look out for an open window, whilst indoor blinds would ensure that nobody could take inventory of your possessions. 

But don't think it's a good idea to leave your windows open at night just because you have outdoor blinds. 

Remove all Hiding Places

When approaching your property, burglars will be more than happy to hide among bushes, in the shadow of trees, and behind anything you might leave near your home. A cluttered garden will attract the attentions of burglars looking to scout properties. 

No Spare Keys Outside Your Home

17% of Australians leave spare keys somewhere outside their home. Burglars know this, and they will find them if they really want to. 

Light Means Life

Keep your house illuminated at night. Light means someone's home. Try to vary things a little by leaving different lights on when you leave your house or go to bed. Don't always leave the same light on. 

Always Say Goodbye to Someone

Say goodbye to someone even when no one is home. Any burglars staking out your property will see this and be deterred from approaching once you have left. 

Security Signs and Stickers

Make up some fake security signs and stickers then place them in clear view of the street. Be sure not to use genuine security firm names as this constitutes unauthorized use of copyrighted material. Using a similar name is fine, however. 

Don't Advertise Valuables

Keep valuables away from ground floor windows. 

Leave Nothing of Any Value Outside

Don't advertise wealth of any kind by leaving bikes, tools and discarded appliance/home electronics wrappings in full sight. 

Don't Leave the House With Jewelry on Show

Make it a habit to leave the house with jewelry covered up. They may be watching. 

Have Someone Stay or Repeatedly Visit

If you take a vacation ask someone to stay over while you are away. If no one is available, then give your close friends spare keys and ask them to drop in for half an hour or so from time to time. 

Tell Only Close Friends and Family about Holidays

It may be tempting to post a status on Facebook telling everyone how excited you are to be leaving for Bali in the morning, but you never know who is reading. Only tell friends and family, and if you must tell anyone else, give them a false date and duration. 

You may not be able to install the latest high-tech security system, but that doesn't mean your home has to be at risk. By following these steps, burglars will think twice before approaching your home. 


17 August 2016

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