Is CCTV Surveillance Necessary When You Already Have a Residential Alarm System?


Home security is something many people will prioritise. And with increasing crime rates, you should have measures in place to ensure that your loved ones, valuables and property at large are kept safe from burglars, vandals and other unsavoury criminals. However, the degree of security that your residence receives is directly influenced by the type of system that you have in place.

For example, if you installed your security system over a decade ago, its features will be outdated when compared to modern solutions that come with a chock full of extra specifications. Alternatively, simply because you have one type of system in place, for example, alarms, does not mean you cannot benefit from extra measures. And such measure is the installation of CCTV surveillance.

Read on to determine whether you need CCTV surveillance with a residential alarm system.

1. CCTV provides you with a live feed

Alarm systems are great for alerting you if there is a potential intruder on your property. Nonetheless, these systems need sensors to provide you with optimal functionality. Thus, some people will choose to install these sensors on the perimeter of their property so that the alarm can be tripped when an intruder breaches their residence.

On the other hand, you may have chosen to install window sensors so that the alarms go off when someone tries to break in. What these systems cannot do, though, is show you if you indeed are in danger, how many burglars you are dealing with and so on. This is where CCTV surveillance comes in. With proper installation, your live feed will show you all activity on your property and this gives you the chance to determine the threat level or if your pet simply tripped a sensor by mistake.

2. CCTV provides you with remote monitoring

Alarm systems can be quite loud. For this reason, they are popular for many homeowners since not only do they get notified that there is an unwanted person on their property but the sound can even help with deterring the burglars that are trying to get into your home. However, irrespective of how loud your alarm system is, you will not hear when you are not close to your home.

Perhaps you are at work or even on holiday, your alarm can be tripped and you will have no idea what is going on your premises. But this does not have to be the case when you invest in CCTV surveillance. CCTV systems offer remote monitoring that allows you to check on the live feed directly from a smart device. This feature is great since you get to visualise the situation at your house and even see if the authorities have arrived.


19 April 2021

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