Considerations When Hiring Security Guards


Security guards are an essential aspect of your home security. Ideally, the professionals are an excellent way to deter burglars and unscrupulous individuals who want to spy on your home. The rule is to ensure the deployed guards are the right fit for your home and personal security needs. These tips should help you choose home security guards. 


Start by examining the guards for your home. For instance, will the guards interact with your kids regularly? If they will, consider guards with excellent people skills. Besides physical security, what other tasks will the guards perform? For example, you might want them to maintain the security system. If you hold many parties in your home, you might need guards that offer event security services. These assessments help you determine the guards that are the right fit for your home. 


Evaluate the guards' training. Ideally, the professionals should have a training certificate from a registered training institution. Most people opt to hire untrained professionals with some martial arts training or heavily built frames. While the presence of these individuals might deter thieves and stalkers, they lack the skills needed to keep your home safe. Typically, security guard training equips the professionals with the expertise required to conduct security assessments to establish the risks you face and viable mitigation measures. 

Moreover, they are trained to neutralise threats without causing bodily harm. The guards can also offer investigative services when investigating crimes or people considered to pose threats to your family. They also know how to respond to emergencies such as fires and accidents in your home. Finally, they liaise with security and emergency agencies to help keep your home secure. 

Freelance Versus Company Security Guards 

You could be in a dilemma of whether to hire freelance or company guards. The rule is to compare both options to establish one that suits your needs. For instance, freelance guards are renowned for their personalised services. It is especially so since you will likely create lasting relationships with the guard. Moreover, freelance guards could offer a wide range of services since they are not bound to company policies. For example, the guards could drive you to work or work after hours if they feel they are well compensated. 

Company guards are suitable for people who need many guards and 24-hour security services. Typically, security companies employ many guards. Therefore, they can guarantee 24/7 surveillance services since the guards work in shifts. The companies also insure their employees with workers' compensation insurance. Consequently, you are not liable for any injuries the guards could suffer while on the premises. Finally, security companies offer alarm monitoring services.   

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27 July 2022

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