What Are the Best Job Opportunities for a Security Guard?


The world of security offers an unlimited number of choices, both in the nature of the work and in the environment where one can work. There is a well-spelt-out path regarding training which, in today's world, is a vital element of being able to work effectively as a security guard. According to the Australian Security Industry Association, there are approximately 170,000 people who work in the industry, and the industry itself is worth approximately A$4.

25 February 2019

4 Myths About Security Dogs


Security dogs can be used as a visual deterrent and to search for drugs and explosives. However, there are a number of myths which surround the use of security dogs. If you are considering hiring a security dog, it is important that you know the truth behind these myths. Check out the list below. Myth: Security dogs live with their handlers While the handler and the dog will have a very close relationship, they are typically not allowed to take their dog home at the end of the day.

23 February 2018

Four Safety Measures to Adopt When You Hire Armed Guards for Your Business


When you deal in valuables, you are always at risk, and having surveillance cameras on the premises might not provide sufficient security. As such, the presence of armed guards reduces the chances of direct attacks on your business. As long as you follow the proper guidelines, you can easily get access to armed guards. However, the presence of firearms increases the level of risk in the business. Unless proper precautions are taken, a small incident can easily turn into a dangerous encounter.

23 October 2017

The Good And The Bad Of Dummy Security Cameras


Keeping the bad guys away from your home or business is not an easy thing to do, and it is usually wise to invest in a security system that can help you with that. Dummy cameras are one of the cheapest and easily available tools you can use to deter burglars from breaking into your home or business. The design of dummy cameras is just the same as the design of real cameras, and most of them have a blinking, red light in the front that helps in deceiving the bad guys.

1 March 2017

Things to Keep In Mind When Installing Residential Video Surveillance


As a modern homeowner, undoubtedly having a home security system is of utmost importance. With advancements in technology, every homeowner is now assured of finding a system that will not only fit within their budget but will also meet their individual residential security needs. One of the more popular options that homeowners gravitate toward are video surveillance systems. The main reasons for this is that they ensure any intrusions into your home are recorded while also capturing the identity of these potential intruders.

29 August 2016

Security Screen Doors for Safe and Sound Stay at Home Mums (and dads)


Keeping your home safe and secure should always be your priority as a homeowner. This is especially true today with burglaries on the rise in Australian cities such as Melbourne and Perth. One worrying statistic is the 80% increase in burglaries that took place while someone was on the premises.  This is why it is important that you ensure your home is secure, even if there is someone home. Stay at home mums and dads need to be able to do their thing without having to worry whether someone might be trying to break in.

24 August 2016

How to Get the Most Value from Your Security Window Screens


Windows are among the most vulnerable break-in points in homes. Burglars can use anything like a crowbar, hammer, pliers, or even a rock to break your window and gain access to your home. Having a security system in place without compromising the aesthetics of your window is crucial for your home's security and curb appeal. Security screens are designed to act as burglar deterrents without giving your home the prison-like feeling and appearance as do burglar bars.

19 August 2016