How to Get the Most Value from Your Security Window Screens


Windows are among the most vulnerable break-in points in homes. Burglars can use anything like a crowbar, hammer, pliers, or even a rock to break your window and gain access to your home. Having a security system in place without compromising the aesthetics of your window is crucial for your home's security and curb appeal. Security screens are designed to act as burglar deterrents without giving your home the prison-like feeling and appearance as do burglar bars. To get the most value and protection from your security window screens, you need to consider the following factors.

Choose the right frame material

If your window frame material is weak and easily breakable, it can be a point of vulnerability to be exploited by burglars.  Investing in a sturdy and durable material for your window frame is essential in increasing the effectiveness of the security screen. Among the best frame materials are aluminium and steel.

  • Aluminium is a sturdy material that is mostly preferred for its corrosion resistance. Rust can compromise the structural stability of metals by causing wear, and this makes it easy for someone to cut into the metal.
  • Steel is one of the sturdiest metals today. It is very hard for a burglar to break through a window with steel framing. However, steel may be more expensive than aluminium. It has a high resistance to corrosion, but when exposed to weather elements, it can rust over time.

Choose a durable finish

The type of finish on your entire window can influence the durability of the window frame material and the performance security screen. Powder coating and zinc coating are among the best finish techniques for your window frame material. The zinc coating protects the metal from rust while the powder coating gives it a desirable and durable finish. Avoid painted window frames as the paint may flake with time and leave the metal vulnerable to corrosion.

Install the screen correctly

Proper installation of security screen doors is essential for maximum protection. Avoid undertaking DIY installation as a small mistake during the process can be exploited by burglars. Professional screen installation contractors have the expertise in the right mounting techniques. One of the best mounting options is flush mounting. It seals the window better, ensures there is no opening and gives the window a natural look.

Security screens have made it possible to secure your windows from forced break-ins without using the horrible burglar bars that block your view and make it obvious that your home is burglar proof. Follow these guidelines to get the most value from your security screens and keep your home safe.


19 August 2016

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