Four Safety Measures to Adopt When You Hire Armed Guards for Your Business


When you deal in valuables, you are always at risk, and having surveillance cameras on the premises might not provide sufficient security. As such, the presence of armed guards reduces the chances of direct attacks on your business. As long as you follow the proper guidelines, you can easily get access to armed guards. However, the presence of firearms increases the level of risk in the business. Unless proper precautions are taken, a small incident can easily turn into a dangerous encounter. Below are four safety measures that you must adopt when you hire armed guards to protect your business.

Inform employees about the presence of armed guards

Except for armed guards who are stationed in banks or cash transit vehicles, many of them conceal their weapons. Any show of force by armed guards can cause a negative reaction from enemy elements. Employees within your business should be informed about the presence of armed guards within the building. This makes them exercise extra caution while undertaking their duties to prevent any altercations with them.

While armed guards will protect your property, employees are partially responsible for the success of your operations. As such, both of them should coexist peacefully for the sake of the organization.

Adopt strict operating procedures

The current policies of your business need to be reviewed to take into account armed guards at your facility. The new operating procedures should outline the interaction between your employees and armed guards. They should also include the circumstances when these guards should draw their weapons. Ideally, the armed guards should not be allowed to enter into the areas where staff are working.

Facilitate coordination with the current surveillance systems

There are two ways which you can use to acquire armed guards for your business. One is by requesting your current security provider to supply you with armed guards. The second approach is taking your regular guards for firearms training, helping them obtain licenses and then issuing them with guns. In both these cases, it is important that they coordinate their activities with the security features you already have in place. Armed guards might be effective, but they cannot cover the entire grounds of your business at the same time. Proper coordination ensures that they are strategically placed at all times and can deal with any threat regardless of where it is coming from.

Regular training 

As part of their working arrangement, armed guards at your premises should be required to undertake regular firearms training to maintain their sharp skills. 


23 October 2017

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