4 Myths About Security Dogs


Security dogs can be used as a visual deterrent and to search for drugs and explosives. However, there are a number of myths which surround the use of security dogs. If you are considering hiring a security dog, it is important that you know the truth behind these myths. Check out the list below.

Myth: Security dogs live with their handlers

While the handler and the dog will have a very close relationship, they are typically not allowed to take their dog home at the end of the day. Security dogs are very valuable assets, so they are cared for in a secure kennel area.

Myth: Any type of dog can be a security dog

While many people like to think that all dogs are more or less the same, the truth is there are some breeds of dog which are better suited to security work. The German Shepherd makes a great security dog, as it looks fierce and is very fast. Spaniels, Border Collies and Short Haired Pointers typically make great sniffer dogs. Dogs also need to be very sharp and emotionally stable as they will often be working in high stakes situations. The temperament of each dog is assessed before training begins.  

Myth: A security dog is often used to sniff out both drugs and bombs

While all security dogs will receive the same basic training in following commands, when it comes to sniffing out contraband, a dog is typically trained to do one type of work or the other. It is therefore highly unlikely that a dog would be trained to sniff out both drugs and bombs, as this would create a problem for the handler. If a dog which was trained to detect more than one type of contraband, there would be no way for the handler to know which the dog had detected—and the staff member is unlikely to want to open a package which might contain a bomb just to find out. If you wish to search for both drugs and explosives, you will need to hire two separate security dogs.

Myth: Only male dogs can be trained to be security dogs

Both male and female dogs are trained for security operations. Male dogs do not outperform female dogs. However, all dogs must be trained to a very high standard in order to be certified as a detection dog.

If you would like to find out more, you should contact a security company which specialises in the supply of drug and bomb detection dogs.


23 February 2018

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