What Are the Best Job Opportunities for a Security Guard?


The world of security offers an unlimited number of choices, both in the nature of the work and in the environment where one can work.

There is a well-spelt-out path regarding training which, in today's world, is a vital element of being able to work effectively as a security guard.

According to the Australian Security Industry Association, there are approximately 170,000 people who work in the industry, and the industry itself is worth approximately A$4.5 billion.

This gives some sense of the size of the industry and the scope of its work.

Security Guard Services — Types of work

The type of work available to security guards tends to fall into two main areas. First, is the more traditional understanding of a security guard in a largely physical role, although that role itself can vary quite considerably.

The physical role of a security guard can either be quite active and passive. The more active jobs can be thought of as potentially having to face some type of danger, either from a criminal or from a large crowd of people who need controlling.

The more passive jobs involve security in terms of things such as being a presence in a large church or museum or maybe working as a concierge for a large office block.

Both these types of physical work can have areas of crossover, and both require a reasonably high degree of physical fitness.

The second, and more recent innovation in terms of security guard services, is that of being a technician. This tends to refer to people involved in the monitoring and surveillance industry, either as an administrator or systems installer.

The need for constant monitoring of people through CCTV and other types of surveillance has grown massively over the last years. Security guard services have seen a huge increase in the need for a trained workforce, with differing levels of technical skill.

This can range from computer-science-trained network technicians through to people monitoring and assessing data from surveillance cameras.

Security Guard Services —Training

In order to work as a security guard, you will need to be licensed. Each state and territory has its own different licensing systems, which will apply to working either as an individual security guard or as a company offering any type of security guard services.

In the Australian Capital Territory,  an individual would need to have a Masters license if working as a security guard doing any work such as patrolling or protecting property, acting as a crowd controller, giving advice about security, etc.

There are a number of training options available, specifically those sanctioned by the Australian Security Industry Association, which offer certificates at entry-level, trade level and advanced level.

The entry-level certificates are a general introduction to the world of security operations and technical security, whereas the trade levels cover things such as security recruitment, government security and public safety.

Working as security guards means that the training requirements can be staggered over time, and can be adapted to fit the type and environment of work that the particular security guard services company is focusing on.


25 February 2019

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