Reasons to Ditch Dummy Cameras for Authentic Security Cameras


One of the foremost ways that homeowners seek to secure their premises is by investing in surveillance cameras. When shopping for these cameras, you will have two main options to choose from — the dummy variety and genuine options. Dummy cameras provide a cheap alternative to the authentic security cameras and may deter a novice burglar that is not familiar with legitimate surveillance cameras. But that is the sole advantage they offer. Rather than go down this route, here are convincing reasons why you should ditch dummy cameras for authentic security cameras.

Dummy cameras do not look real

Admittedly, dummy cameras are considerably cheaper than their legitimate counterparts are but this is because they are solely for show. Unless you are guaranteed that only novice intruders will venture into your property, you should note that the dummy options do not look like authentic security cameras. For starters, these fake cameras are incredibly lightweight and this is because they do not contain any operations components such as sensors, lenses and more.

Some people think that the blinking light they are outfitted with will make others think that they are functional, but most real cameras do not have a light to indicate that they are working. Hence, this feature contributes to the inauthenticity of the dummy cameras. Instead of wasting money on fake cameras, it is best to purchase real security cameras that fit within your budget. Even if you may not be able to buy cameras with a multitude of features, you would still get a degree of functionality that you cannot with the dummy options.

Dummy cameras do not keep any records

The second reason to ditch dummy cameras for authentic solutions is to ensure you have recorded footage in case of a home intrusion. Although the presence of security cameras is thought to deter opportunistic individuals, seasoned burglars that have scoped your property will likely need more than the presence of cameras to stop them in their tracks. Rather than not have any evidence of their presence in your home, security cameras will record all movement on your property and this provides you with footage that can be utilised as evidence by the authorities when they are tracking down the perpetrators.

Dummy cameras are useless when it comes to solving any criminal activity that could have taken place at your residence. Take note, while some surveillance cameras record movement on your property, they can also trigger alarm systems silently, signalling the authorities to make their way to your property and potentially catch the burglars red-handed.

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18 December 2020

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